Best car rental in Santiago de Chile and Viña del Mar

Are you planning a road trip and all the car rentals are too expensive?, you need a Chilean car rental company with a variety of models? Or are you tired of pay too much for guide tourists without discover any interesting places? Free Rent a Car has the solution.

Nowadays having mobilization has become fundamental in any place and when we talk about tourists, having their own car to explore is becoming more popular because it’s an effective way to safe money and go whatever they want at anytime.

Visit a place without a touristic guide is something that makes a unique travel and it’s recommended only for intrepid people, taking a car and discover a spot without help is making the difference to the travelers and save memories by their own merits bring magic to any trip.

Free Rent a Car is a cheap car rentals airport in Chile with many years of experience in in the car rental business in Chile, they focuses on the car rental for tourists through online reservations.

This company has a great variety of units for all the needs that the tourist request, the service is quick, safe, personalized and the most important; cheap.

The professionals who works in Free Rent a Car are highly skilled to explain all the characteristics of the available units in the company, bringing all the necessary information about the models and the car utility.

Free Rent a Car has three offices along the Metropolitan, the fifth and the ninth region of Chile with a car rental in Viña del Mar, Santiago and Temuco. Having the option for their clients to pick up the rented car at the airport or in their home.

The company service include Rent a cars in Santiago airport of different types of cars like economic, compact, intermediate, SUV, Station and others, with the most important brands of the business like:

  • Suzuki Swift
  • Chevrolet Sail
  • Renault Samsung SM3
  • Nissan Versa MT
  • Chevrolet Cruze AT
  • Nissan New Qashqai AT
  • Chevrolet Orlando AT
  • Renault Latitude
  • Suzuki Grand Nomade.

In the page’s company you’ll find a complete section of FAQ, where you can clear all your doubts and also contact a seller and make your reservations.

Rent a car in Santiago or Viña del Mar checking for prices and availability with the best car rental company in Chile.


Address: Car rentals in Santiago chile Eliodoro Yáñez 2979 Office 105, Providencia, Santiago, Chile (main office)

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